The Friends of Michel Miniussi
illustration de Michel MINIUSSI

The association 'Les Amis de Michel Miniussi' (The Friends of Michel Miniussi) was set up on the initiative of a group of Occitan writers, following the award of the Prix Antigone for the novel Lei Passatemps in 1994.  The founding president was Max Rouquette, with honorary presidents Robert Lafort and Bernard Manciet.  The current president of the association is Philippe Gardy, who holds a research post as a CNRS directeur de recherche.

The association seeks to further the promotions of Michel Miniussi's literary oeuvre, and the defence of the Occitan language.

Registered address:

Leis Amics de Miquèu Miniussi
210 chemin de la Cerisaie

Phone and fax: +33 (0)4 92 92 21 58